Artius Olive Oils

Artius Pgi* Laconia Greek extra virgin olive oil is an unrefined olive oil which retains its olive taste and has very low levels of oleic acid. Our olive oil because it is less refined, maintains its aroma, flavor, color as well as its vitamins and mineral content.

Artius Honey

Artius Mt Taygetus thyme honey is harvested in the Mt Taygetus region in the Peloponnese which is known for its profusion of wild flowers and flora. Thyme naturally abounds here, and the bee colonies honor it by collecting its pollen and producing a honey that is clear, dense, red gold in color with a delicate flavor and an exhilarating aroma which has rightfully been described as heavenly.

Artius Olives

Artius pitted Chalkidiki olives and herbs are grown in the North of Greece and they are well known for their large size and green color. Harvested while still green they maintain their spicy taste with a hint of fruity aroma.

Artius Vinegars

Artius aged balsamic vinegar Reserve is produced using traditional methods and it is aged in oak barrels for at least 5 years, so that it becomes more concentrated. It, thus, acquires a bouquet of strong aromas and flavor and has a silkiness in its taste that reaches a sublime quality. Add to any dish to give it a lift and spicy flavor.

Artius Salt & Oregano

Artius Kythira sea salt is naturally produced when sea water evaporates and is hand harvested in the Greek island of Kythira. Sun kissed and wind swept, gourmets believe that sea salt tastes better as its texture is different due to its crystal shape that gives it its natural coarseness.

Artius Greek Coffee

Artius coffee with ”mastiha” is the finest coffee, made from beans that have been blended, roasted and grounded with mastic to produce a superb quality of Greek coffee. This refined product has an aroma and flavor that excites the senses and aspires to bring the flavor of the exotic.

Artius Sesame Bars

Artius handmade sesame bars are made from sesame, honey, fruits, (blueberry, cranberry, fig, orange, bergamot, prune) and almonds and are considered a superfood. They are a high energy snack which is filling, satisfying and healthy. Sesame is an excellent source of calcium and “pasteli”* offers a delicious way to incorporate it in your diet.

Artius Sweet Delicacies

Artius Loukoumi are Greek mini bite delicacies in various flavors such as lemon, rose, bergamot, orange, mastic, honey and enriched with nuts. They are made with water, gelatin and sugar and they are smooth and exhilarating. These succulent morsels are seductive and manage to elevate the senses to new heights.