PGI Lakonia Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1LT (Metalic Tube)

Artius Pgi* Organic Laconia extra virgin olive oil is a certified organic olive oil which contains in its body the full aura of the Mediterranean nature. It contains all the nutrients of the olive fruit but it has its own distinctive aroma and taste. Just a sprinkle on your salad is enough to give you all the benefits of its goodness.

Organic means free of any chemicals and pesticides. In an increasingly environmentally world we strive to incorporate in our olive tree farming only natural occurring substances and practices, which we hope will lead to long term sustainability.

Artius Pgi* Organic Laconia extra virgin olive oil is the ideal olive oil if you are looking for extra health benefits.

*PGI is an EU scheme known as Protected Geographical Indication, which promotes and protects names of quality agricultural products and food stuffs.


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